– December.2012

This is our view from our apartment with the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

After 4 airports, 3 plane rides, and 27 hours later, we are finally here in Paris… again. Yes, we were here last year, almost exactly to the date. This time it’s just the two of us and we are spending two weeks getting lost in the City of Lights.

Last year we stayed at a hotel, but this time we went on again and found an apartment near Montmartre. From the airport (CDG), it was an RER ride and two Metro lines. Pretty easy, and with luggage in tow. We were led into our apartment by the caretaker who spoke no English. Jay was overjoyed when he realized he understood that she told us 8th floor as we got into the elevator (he’s been practicing his numbers for a couple of days now). Our apartment is what some would call cozy. It’s small, but it is perfect for us. The bathroom is the size of a pantry and it’s a bit cold and noisy. Right now Jay is playing with all the heaters, hugging the furnace.

Surprisingly, I’m not really tired. We will probably have to take sleeping pills tonight as it will only be about 9 in the morning in Hawaii at bedtime here. But for now, I get to test out the small shower and warm up…. Au revoir!


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