Hong.Kong.Macau.China – November.2010

Our second leg of our Asia Adventure was to Hong Kong and Macau.


It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A (41 Salisbury Rd Tsimshatsui, Kowloon)!  The Village People must have been talking about this place, because really, the Y.M.C.A in Hawaii is no place to stay.   The rooms were affordable and it’s located right on the harbor.  You have a great view of the Symphony of Lights show every night and there’s lots to see around the hotel.

Salisbury YMCA Hong Kong. Great location.

nice clean rooms with a great view of the harbor.


  • Walk around Hong Kong Harbor and watch the Symphony of Lights show.  It happens every night at 8pm when the skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island do a little dance.   If you get a chance, rent a boat (or a junk), and watch it from the water.

not a great photo, but a glimpse of the light show

the red sail junk boats you can rent. you can rent other ones as well.

around the hotel, near the clock tower on the harbor.

  • Happy Valley Racetrack.  2 Sports Rd., Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island.  When Jay sees that Anthony Bourdain went here, of course he has to follow suit (a little Bourdain envy, I think).  Races are every Wednesday night and start at 7pm.  It was interesting and we won maybe $2.00 (USD).  woohoo!  There was a beer garden and good snack food.

Happy racing!

great place to socialize, but where’s all the Asians? I think we were the only few.

  • Stanley Market.  We caught the bus to Stanley Market, which was pretty easy enough.  It was a great place to shop around and do a little sightseeing.

the harbor around stanley market

a little dingy

  • Victoria Peak.  A great way to see Hong Kong from up above.  There were lots of shops and restaurants as well as good look-out points.  We bought round-trip tickets up and down with the tram, however, when we were ready to leave, the line for the tram was super long!  We opted to catch a taxi down.

great view

  • Ocean Park.  Another theme park, similar to Sea World, but not really.  It’s not really crowded and there’s no lines to any of the attractions.  There were a few big kid rides and lots of stuff to see (pandas and stuff).

a fun day at Ocean Park

  • Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant.  Shum Wan Pier Drive, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.  We took a taxi to get us here, then a ferry specifically for this restaurant.  We just wanted to see it, and once Jay saw the menu prices he said “no way.  Too expensive,” as he tried to translate Hong Kong dollars to US dollars.

pretty massive for floating restaurant – like a cruise ship.

  • Temple Street Night Market.  A crowded flea market with lots of trinkets.  A good place to go shopping for souvenirs.

lots of stalls to shop from.

  • Day Trip to Macau.  I’ve wanted to go to Macau because it was “just like Vegas.”  No, it wasn’t “just like Vegas.”  Maybe because it was just a day trip, but probably because we’re not big gamblers anyway.  We tried to gamble before we left, but somehow, we were just not into it.  We stayed in a casino, watching everyone, and they were hardcore gamblers – very serious about what they were doing.  I did not want to mess up their vibe.  But it was nice to walk around and explore.  The down part was the 75 minute ferry ride across.  We didn’t expect to get motion sickness and on the ride over to Macau, we all felt so miserable!  We learned our lesson on the ride back and chose seats on the bottom level right in the middle of the ferry, which helped a lot!

Ruins of Sao Paolo – probably the only interesting thing to go see and it’s burnt down. But Macau is a pretty place to walk around, lots of Portuguese style buildings.


I can’t remember names of restaurants we ate.  When we were at Happy Valley, Jay asked some of the locals where they would recommend.  They directed us to a back alley of restaurants, which turned out to be crowded with local people.

  • In Macau we ate a pork sandwich.

I’m glad Jay can read Chinese.

  • And also in Macau we went to the “oldest” restaurant in town, Fat Siu Lau. Corner of Rua da Felicidade & Travessa Do Mastro.  They’re known for their pigeon.

Took awhile to find this place and when we finally decided to ask for directions, the guy just turned around and pointed across the street. we felt dumb.

the pigeon plate

  • At a noodle shop up Victoria’s Peak.  Jay saw an article in the window: “Anthony Bourdain” – I figured we’d end up eating here.

the noodles were tasty, although I can’t remember the name of the restaurant.


Hong Kong was a nice place to visit.  Macau is a great place to visit ONE time.  I don’t think I need to go back and at least I can say, “been there, done that.”


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