West.Coast.Road.Trip – Portland, OR – December 2009

Our second stop in our road trip was Portland, Oregon.  We decided to spend one full day there to explore and also meet up with a high school friend.  I realize this will be a short entry because we didn’t spend too much time here.


  • Marriott Courtyard Portland City Center.  550 SW Oak Street.  This was a very nice hotel with a modern feel.  I’m not one to splurge on fancy hotels, I’d rather spend it on the things to do, but I’m not one to complain either!   I’m not sure how Jay managed to get us this nice place, but I would definitely recommend it.

Marriott Courtyard Portland City Center


  • Powell’s City of Books.  1005 W. Burnside St.  I love bookstores and this is the biggest that I’ve seen.  I could spend an entire day here looking for a good read, but I know Jay would get bored in no time.  I did find a good book, though – Waiting by Ha Jin – very good book.
  • Cargo Imports.  380 NW 13th Ave.  Apparently we were walking around the Pearl District and came across this store.  I really don’t know how to describe it, but their website says Cargo imports “uncommon goods from around the world.”  It was a really cool shop and if I didn’t have to worry about shipping or carrying goods back, I’d buy a whole lotta furniture and junk.

Cargo Imports

  • A squirrel.  We don’t have those in Hawaii, so it’s always exciting to see critters other than cockroaches.

“sammy, the squirrel.” i ended up taking so many pics of this silly squirrel.


  • Saburo’s Japanese Restaurant.  1667 SE Bybee Street.  My high school friend took us here as she knows Hawaii has some good sushi restaurants and this one in Portland was pretty comparable.  They are known for their portions, though.  Sushi portions are small, it’s supposed to be consumed in one bite to get all the flavors together.  At Saburo’s, though, a couple of bite was needed for each sushi.  It was good, though.  Also, another thing to know about Saburo’s – they don’t take reservations (I don’t think) and we were told there’s ALWAYS a line, so show up early before opening (5:00pm on weekdays, 4:30pm on weekends).

huge portions of sushi.


Portland was a nice city, although we didn’t see too much of it.  It was a good place to stop between Washington and California.  I’d probably be back to explore the city in more detail, but it probably wouldn’t be on the top of my list.


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