West.Coast.Road.Trip – Seattle – December 2009

This trip turned into our Honeymoon sort of.  We knew we wanted to go somewhere again in December and we had gotten married in September.  It was just the two of us and it was something we’ve never done before – drive from state to state.  It was an adventure – from Seattle to L.A. in a week and a half.


Sorry, we’re no help to you here.  We actually stayed with a friend who had recently purchased his house and wanted to show off how much his money could buy in Seattle.


  • Pike’s Place Market.  Between Pike & Pine Streets at First Avenue.  Yes, this is tourist central, but I actually really enjoyed it.  Jay and I love to visit a city’s local market.  Jay is very much interested in the food; I’m interested in the knick-knacks (but hardly buy anything as I know the price is ridiculous, marked up for tourists).   What I did enjoy here was the free tasting at several stalls – from jam to nuts to oils.

the very first Starbuck’s at Pike’s Place Market.

i almost got hit by the fish these guys were throwing.

  • The view from the Seattle Space Needle.  With the help of our friend, he was able to get us to a few places without paying, or paying half price.  We decided to go to the Space Needle even though we hadn’t planned on going up.  What can I say about the Space Needle?  The view was nice.  The weather was freezing!  It was really crowded due to Christmas activities for children.  I’m just glad we didn’t pay for it.

Seattle Space Needle from ground level.

Seattle Space Needle from top. It was freezing!

  • The Museum of Flight.  Again, we didn’t have to pay and it was something else I hadn’t planned for.  There were lots of airplanes, history of airplanes, models of airplanes, pictures of airplanes.  We got to climb aboard the former Air Force One and the Concorde, but everything except the aisle was behind plexiglass.  It was interesting… for someone into airplanes.  I, personally, am not, but it was still fun, something to do.

silhouette of model airplanes at the Museum of Flight.

aboard (retired) Air Force One – everything was covered in plexiglass.

  • Experience Music Project.  Our friend was not with us this time; he had to go to work, but he did manage to get us in for half price.  Jay enjoyed this place, as he’s more into the music scene than I am, but what I did like about this was that there were a lot of hands-on activities.  I realized I cannot play the drums to save my life, nor the guitar… I’m so musically challenged, it’s not even funny.
jammin' jay. Don't quit your day job.

jammin’ jay. Don’t quit your day job.


  • Bill Spiedel’s Underground Tour.  608 First Avenue Seattle’s Pioneer Square.  There was one thing I wanted to do that I found out while researching Seattle.  I wanted to take a tour of Seattle’s underground.   Our friend hadn’t done this either so he tagged along with us.  It was $15 for adult admission for a 90-minute tour.  It was well worth it as they told us the entire history of Seattle, which is really interesting.  We started off as a huge group as they went over the history, then split us into smaller groups as we ventured on foot underground.  Yes, underground as in beneath the streets of Seattle.  At one point, our tour guide stopped us and told us to yell above us to a glass ceiling (a glass floor to the people walking above us).  We were yelling, “Help us!  Get us out of here!” as we could see the shadows of the people walking above us.  I definitely recommend this tour.

stuff from before were left down here. a brothel was once in this place, which the “ladies” were called “seamstresses”.

old hotel storefronts can be seen with the original signs.

this is where we were yelling at the people who were walking street level. the locals must be used to hearing voices around here.


  • Roast Duck from Chinatown.  Our friend was craving duck one night and I guess because Jay’s Chinese, he wanted to share some Chinese food with us.  I will never say no to duck.
  • Pho Than Brothers.  Lots of locations, check on their website.   About twice a month, Jay and I eat pho, Vietnamese noodles, at home.  We didn’t expect to eat any on this trip, but our friend insisted these were good.  It actually was good. And it was good comfort food.
  • Piroshky, Piroshky.  Located in Pike’s Market.  Our friend is from Belarus and he wanted us to try some of his kind of food so he took us to this Russian Bakery.  A piroshky is like a pocket filled with some kind of filling – meat, veggies and even sweets.  I forget which ones we had, but I do remember it was good.  It was a perfect snack on the go.

waiting in line for our piroshky.


I enjoyed Seattle.  I enjoyed it because of all the hook-ups our friend was able to get us – it was the cheaper part of our road trip for sure.  If I were to go back, I’d visit the Gum Wall, which is in Post Alley under Pike Place Market.  It’s basically a wall with used gum.  Gross, right?

that’s a goofy looking smile, jay.


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